News Updates

News Update 6.0

Just some updates, I haven’t really done the dates that often anymore mostly because I forgot, but I also recently noticed (which is kind of dumb because it was there the whole time I’ve been blogging) that it shows the date I posted it automatically, so I won’t have to write the date all the time. And if you noticed, in my first posts I always did all through grammar and spelling check but later I got sick of it, so that’s why my posts always have a ton of spelling errors. Also, I just recently found out about the whole copy writing thing so now I’ve been spending most of my blogging time going over my old posts and deleting things, which is also why I haven’t been posting much. That’s also the reason why I’ve been using the “press this” It’s a word press tool you can use to take something interesting from someone else’s work and posting it on your blog without breaking copy write rules. In other words, I’ve had a ton of those posts where it only shows some text but there’s a thing at the bottom that says Source: [then they say the source here] because of the copy write laws.

News Update 5.0


Hey guys, so I’ve recently been kinda busy so I’m sorry if I don’t post as often, and because the school year is starting I probably won’t have enough time either. So… I HAVE A NEW PLAN! Starting August 24 2015 I am going to post Weekly! I know, it’s very disappointing but I am also assuming that you will also be starting school and will not have time to read this either. Hopefully, by the end of the next school year I will be able to post daily again! Just a remainder for you guys, my new website is ready to be read so here it is.



News update 4.0


  • Sorry if I’m not posting everyday because I’m kinda busy, but I don’t really expect you to look at my blog everyday
  • I REACHED 30 POSTS actually, I reached 39 but I trashed a lot, also WordPress doesn’t count these news updates as posts but I do
  • I’m kind of desperate for blog ideas, BUT YOU GUYS NEVER COMMENT, sorry
  • I’m still trying to figure out how to do this voting thing butt if you guys want me to upgrade my blog to a premium version that would me okay with me, the premium version is sooooo much better with all these cool things you can do and my dad has it. the only problem is that it costs money



News Update 3.0


  • My Blog is no longer just about me
  • I moved all my news updates to a new page
  • I take that back, please like and view.
  • I watched a really helpful video on word press so now I know how to do a lot of stuff now
  • Check Fun games anyone can play, anywhere because I’m probably going to put a lot on that post
  • My Chinese lesson was a success! 🙂
  • FYI I can update posts
  • If you want to make a website word press is probably the best option
  • Preview on later posts: Smileys! and Computer shortcuts you might not know about
  • Check out my friend’s website at


News Update 2.0


This is another News update except its more than one, I might have more because I just use the name when I talk about stuff that doesn’t really have a topic about my life.

  • As you can see I have been changing the header image and I might do that once every 1-2 weeks just to keep you guys interested.
  • If you’re wondering why some days I don’t write 200 words it’s because I’m writing in my private blog.
  • Riddle me this and Answers are not riddles made by me, I just copied and pasted from other websites.
  • Yay! I now have 16 viewers. (update 08-18-2015: actually, now I have 377 views, 58 viewers, 7 likes and 9 comments. Not that i’m bragging or anything…)
  • Preview: I’m going to write some Did You Knows soon (by soon I mean in 3 days or so)
  • I’ve started another website but I’m not going to put it here until l have a solid topic to write about, then I’ll show you guys.

My new Website: I’m just letting you guys see it even though there’s nothing in it

News Update


I just decided recently that I wanted to do a more private blog so I could have more topics to write about without sort of revealing my identity. STRANGER DANGER!!! Anyway, I’m gonna start a new blog so I might not write a lot on this one, not that anyone’s reading it or anything. So…see ya!

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