A new life for tennis balls

Tennis balls are the hardest type of ball to recycle, mostly because they’re not biodegradable, so throwing them out is not the best for the planet. The good news is, flat or broken tennis balls that can’t be used for tennis are easily made into new, usable tools.

  • Give them to your dog, I mean, I think that’s the best idea I’ve had. But just a tip, don’t bring your dog on the court when you play tennis, because it’s very bad for their paws and the pads on their feet will probably bleed afterwards. Instead, when your the balls are worn out, you can cut it open and place a treat inside, then sew it up and you’ve got a training tool.
  • I’m sure you’ve seen this at someone’s house before, but tennis balls are really useful for keeping your floors scratch free. All you have to do is cut open a tennis ball and squeeze it onto the bottom of your chairs. (also very useful for walkers)
  • In addition to keeping your floors nice, you can use the tennis balls as cushions for your doorknobs when the ones installed fall out or get old.
  • Out camping? You can keep the bugs away by covering a tennis ball with VaselineĀ and hanging it from a tree branch.

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