Yellowstone poems


(inspired by the Yellowstone canyon)

Standing atop the highest mountain.

Riding on the breeze,

Letting the wind whip my hair,

Behind me I hear a sneeze.

Another tourist has ruined my moment,

Oh my, oh man, oh jeez.

(True story by the way)


(inspired by the Yellowstone bison)

I start to drift off in my seat,

When my mom yells a “Tyson!”

I jolt up from my morning nap,

“Mom, I see a bison!”

She slammes her foot down on the pedal,

The car behind us gives a honk.

But that was when I realized,

My “bison” was a tree stump.

Hot water

(inspired by the Yellowstone hot springs)

Climbing up the boardwalk,

I see the boiling water.


The gusting winds come in from the north,

They make me tip and totter.

A chilling wind blows up my back,

It comes to tip my cap.

But when I look around to see,

the river has swallowed my hat.

(while we were there at the hot springs there were a lot of hats in the water and I saw someone’s hat fly off their head.)

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