18 Facts that you probably didn’t know about me


  1. When I practice a stroke in tennis I also make the sound of the ball hitting the tennis racket
  2. My name in Chinese means tree
  3. I got Glasses when I was nine, but I lost them in Pocatello (I live in Boise, Idaho). Then, when I was ten I got my eyes checked and got a new pair of glasses
  4. My cousin lives in a college dorm in Australia
  5. I put my hand to one side of my mouth and whisper something to thin air as if there was a cameraman there to film me. Watching certain T.V. shows are really bad influences
  6. I have a little jar where I put all my passwords
  7. I have a huge plush panda paw/claw that you can wear
  8. We have a Vitamix
  9. I have a T.V. in my room, sometimes I feel like I’m rich
  10. I never use the T.V. in my room
  11. We have a HUGE T.V. in my parent’s room
  12. We have 3 flat screen T.V.s
  13. My 7month year old brother has 200 dollars
  14. I have 300 dollars, at least
  15. My parents converted 800 dollars into the latest version on split it among the family
  16. I’m not trustworthy, wait, you knew that
  17. My BFF was sending me pictures of edited pictures (they were extremely ugly) and said I would have nightmares, I had never had a single nightmare in two years, and that night I had one, it was not related to the pictures though.
  18. I know that this is your favourite post


I’m kind of running out of ideas about things to write about so I searched it on google and the best suggestion was to ask your viewers so.. HELP!

maybe a competition of some sort, or a post featuring all my trashed posts?

I’m A Teacher!


Suzuki camp was getting really boring so I won’t write about it anymore, so I’ll start writing about other stuff.

My Neighbor asked me if I wanted to teach them Chinese I said no because I’m actually really bad at Chinese even though I’m Chinese but somehow I wound up planning to teach them on July Fourth which I’m guessing you know is a holiday. So I guess I should start with colors or opposites or something, but how am I supposed to teach them Chinese!?!? Not only is it going to be hard but I have to teach someone older than me so it’s going to be really awkward. I GIVE UP 😦