Slap Jack Variations


I just discovered that here are a lot more variations to slap jack. The rules to the original game is in my other post, but i’m going to post it here anyways.

Original Rules

You need two or more players. Divide the pack roughly equally between the players. Everyone holds their cards as a face down pile. Going around the table clockwise, each player paces the top card of their pile face up in the center of the table, making a face-up pile. When someone plays a jack, the first player to slap it – i.e. put their hand palm down on top of the center pile – wins the center pile and adds these cards face down to the bottom of their own pile. Play then continues starting with the player to the left of the one who won the cards. the person who loses their cards first, loses.



  1. The rules are just like the ones above but instead you try to lose all of your cards instead of trying to get the most cards, And when you are the last to put your hand on the jack you have to take the pile.
  2. Just like Slap Jack except you slap and yell “snap”it when the cards are the same. You also have to flip the cards at the same time.
  3. Another variation of SNAP is player while placing his hands over the pile he has to simultaneously shout “SLAP JACK”. Player fails to do so would not pile. If a player covers the pile while shouting “SLAP JACK” and the top card does not turn out to be a jack then players except him will divide the pile.
  4. Players have to treat Seven (or any other rank) as silent. It will not be counted and players do not have to shout. They have to keep in mind the silent rule until a Seven (or any other rank) comes up and cancels the rule.

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